My name is Amanda Logan and I am a wife & military spouse, the oldest of 5 girls, and a dog mom. I'm also a licensed esthetician in the State of Hawaii and New Mexico, a certified lash artist and experienced wax specialist. I attended Makana Esthetics Wellness Academy in Honolulu, Hawaii. I graduated I passed my state boards in 2015 and went on to become employed at one of the country’s largest waxing chains. There I continued to hone my skill in hair removal and skin preservation. I pride myself on my quick, thorough, and low pain Brazilian wax. Although I enjoy body waxing, one of my main motivations for becoming a skilled waxer was to become a master at designing eyebrows. In my position, I learned how to properly map an eyebrow to enhance the clients natural features. I truly believe I'm fulfilling a lifelong dream when I am honored with crafting your brows.

While building my expertise as a waxer, I was also honing my skills as a lash artist. I was lucky enough to apprentice at a salon and received hours of hands on experience. I received my lash artist certification through Lash Blvd and I will continue to pursue education in the art to further enhance my skills. I love to thoughtfully design each set of lash extensions to suit the bone structure, facial features, preference, and eye shape of my client. I pride myself in always providing a seamless and sanitary application. I love to work with each client to create a look they desire while keeping the health and integrity of their natural lashes in high priority. My favorite moment in this art is when my clients open their eyes and love what they see in the mirror.

I am so excited to be here serving Cannon AFB and the small city of Clovis. I look forward to getting to know all of my guests! I hope to see you soon.

xo Amanda Logan